The Plan

The plan was to not have a plan.

We simply loved the idea to play it by ear, go where the wind blows us, follow the sun and good weather and listen to the advises of other travelers.

For us it is the best way to travel – it gives us the freedom to do whatever we want, plans don’t have to be changed as we didn’t have one in the first place and we don’t have to rush to make it to some reservation we did months in advance.

Our plan – or rather the framework of it – constitutes of two (for us) top destinations. Both of us were allowed to choose ONE country he wants the other one to see – Marvin picked Australia, I picked Mexico. The rest of our trip will just build up around the two destinations.

So our trip started with a one-way ticket to Australia including an overlay in Bangkok, a couch offered to us by a friend in Sydney for our first night – and not to forget our land cruiser we bought beforehand to experience our Australia adventures. And we know at some point we have to get to Mexico. That was it pretty much.

Do we now and then wonder if a bit of pre-planning would have been smart? Yes, sure we do – the complete flexibility has its price. Some things just pop up we weren’t prepared for, the assumed best travel season turns out to be the rainy season (oooops, Google research beforehand would have helped) or there might be trips booked out we find interesting – but we also figured there is always a way around and it will work anyways. As an example, the Whitsunday Island cruises were completely booked out once we reached the destination point Airlie Beach – frustrating at the beginning, but there’s always a Plan B: We just booked the tour for some weeks after and got a cheap round-trip flight up from Sydney. As well, we entered Australia with a tourist visa meaning we have to leave the country after 3 months in order to extend it once more. 3 months pass waaaaay faster as we expected and we didn’t even reach the west coast. So we treated ourselves with a trip to Vanuatu – never actually heard of it or been there, so we’re super excited. The same time we leave Australia to get our renewed tourist visa.

All in all, we are now a while into our trip and we still prefer the complete flexibility to a worked-out plan – and we happily accept some bumpy sections on our route. That makes it even more exciting, doesn’t in?

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