The Dream

The dream to travel the world.

I love dreaming – or more specifically daydreaming. I think it is an amazing gift we’ve got. We just can imagine and shape situations the way we want them to be, do things we always wanted to do or make a big step that scares us in real life. The issue (at least for me) is that the biggest dreams are the craziest that require you to do a huge change in your life – and most of the time we are just to scared to do that.

My dream was to travel the world – for an indefinite time, no limits nor time constraints and, most importantly, no plan. So I kept on chasing that dream for a long time but somehow feared the steps I had to take to actually live it.

Guess what?! Right now I am sitting in the Australian sun, a glass of wine in my hand, next to my husband (beer in hand), love of my life and travel-partner-in-crime Marvin planning the next steps of our trip around the world.

Long story short:

Marvin and I met in February 2014 in Munich, Germany… not in a beer garden, the Marienplatz or Octoberfest but on FREAKING Tinder (I always try to hide this but Marvin insists on telling the Tinder-truth). We figured quite fast that we got along more than well – and shared the same dream: to travel the world. We fell in love, got married in August 2016 and kept on talking about our dream. As well we talked about a lot of BUTs – we just found our dream flat, are very successful in our jobs and feared the risk of stopping our careers by a timeout, had so many friends around we would desperately miss… so as much as we loved our dream, there were always doubts hiding behind them.

Until we realized – there is no such thing as “the best timing ever to quit everything and travel the world”. But there could be for sure worst timings – we had no kids, no sick parents that needed caring, enough money to not starve for a while and, on top, were pretty sure or friends wouldn’t forget about us in the meantime. As well, we couldn’t imagine that Germany will run out of jobs anytime soon.


… we made our plan

… slept over it for one more night … ok, plenty of nights

… figured it still felt good

… one panic attack on my side … ok, plenty of panic attacks

… we quit our jobs

… told our parents (who where not amused at the beginning) & our friends

… bought a Land Cruiser in Sydney

… found Chris who has the awesome talent to turn a Land Cruiser into a driving home

… booked a one-way-ticket to Australia

… threw a huge goodbye party

Travel the world travel the world travel the world

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