The Couple

We are Marvin & Claudia – born and bred in Germany, in the beginning of our 30ties, happy newly-weds and we are on a world trip. It was our big, shared dream from the moment we met and we finally had the courage to take a break from our “real life” to take on the adventure of travelling the world.


So the next months will be a big, fat adventure for us.

Our motivation

We always were big travellers – before we met we both did our fair share of backpacking adventures, party trips and volunteering – and we maintained our passion also after we started our relationship. We did crazy trips all over the place – from backpacking through Cuba, safari in Tanzania to teaching in an orphanage in Ghana. We loved every bit of our trips – but what always bothered us was the limited time we’ve got.

For the last years we both were engaged in good, successful jobs which we actually really liked as they were challenging and rewarding the same time. But this was also our curse. Most obviously, it took up a lot of free time – with regard to our personal lives including fiends and enjoying being newly-weds, but also with respect to travel time. So our issue was never the money restraint, but the time restraint. And we more and more got the feeling that we are rushing through our lives.

So our big motivation was to have actual, unlimited & unconditional time for us as a couple and our big, shared travel-passion. We wanted to create a phase in our life without time pressure, without over-hours and a company phone stuck to us 24/7 – a phase that is solely about discovering the beauty of the world, getting to know the real culture of a country, meeting alike people along the way, finding places we love and enjoy them as long as we want and having the freedom to drift rather than to plan ahead.

So here we are – we quit our jobs, booked a one-way ticket to our first destinaton Australia and travel the world for an indefinite time.

Our way of travelling

It’s actually hard to put our way of travelling into words – maybe “overlanding with a twist of luxury” describes it well. We love nature and camping, but also fancy now and them some luxury. The beauty of our old, job-intensive life is that it now leaves us travelling without being on a strict budget. So there are weeks we only spend in the nature, sleeping in our car, bathing in mountain lakes and BBQing at the campfire. But there are also times when we need some luxury and a hot shower or even a massage – so we don’t hesitate parking our dirty overlanding vehicle next to fancy cars and checking-in to a nice hotel. We leave ourselves the maximum flexibility – we simply do whatever we want.

Our graving for full flexibility

Since we started this world trip my husband fell in love with 4WD overlanding vehicles – as much as I was annoyed by all the car-hassle in the beginning, I start to get why this became so important for him. It’s simply the full flexibility that comes with it. I am not big on cars – I can’t even distinguish an Audi from a Chevrolet. But what I’ve learned is that a good 4WD overlanding car not only brings us everywhere, but also lets us sleep everywhere without being dependent on accommodation. So we will always be aiming for a car that does loads of kilometres, climbs & descents every mountain and drives through rivers as if they were puddles.  The flexibility that comes with it is just priceless – we can go along the big tourist tracks and see the must-sees of a country, but we also are free to leave the beaten path and escape the masses having beautiful spots all to ourselves.

Our fears

Of course we wonder now and then if leaving the job-world for such a long time harms our careers in the future. But on the other hand we don’t think it will be much of an issue. Everyone that ever travelled knows how much you take away from it, what different cultures and ways of life teach you and the open-mindedness that comes with it. So we just think that times have changed and the concept of taking time-off is fully accepted – if not even welcomed in modern businesses. We don’t think we want to work for a company anyways that doesn’t understand the beauty of a world trip.

Other than that we are only bothered by small fears that can be worked out. For my part – I’m not really best friends with all the creepy-crawlers, crocodiles and snakes in this world, especially not when they are deadly like half of the animals in Australia. (Also see blog post on Deadly animals in Australia – how to survive the scary creatures). So that gives me a hard time now and then. We both worry a bit about overlanding in countries with a high criminal rate such as India or Central America  – but we figure this out when we get there and might switch to busses of we feel better this way.


All in all

We couldn’t be any happier with our decision to go on this world trip. We enjoy every bit of it and never experienced such an intensive, valuable time together. Our trip so far is marked by unforgettable adventures, impressive people, many laughters and there is so much more to come. So everyone that is flirting with the idea of taking a time-out and doing a world trip – we cannot encourage you more. This is a living dream.

Travel the world travel the world travel the world

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